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Pocketful of Quarters

Quarters are a patented cross-game, cross-platform digital currency enabled by blockchain technology. Tokens that move across games means flexibility for both players and developers, multiplying games played and expansion of social communities.
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Zero-Click Transfers

Patent for Blockchain Gaming

Quarters and Q2s are a two-token buy-and-burn system, where Q2s are the decentralized governance token for the Players DAO. The Q2 token-holder community can vote on grant opportunities for game developers and crowdfund specific game projects.


Play together across games and across platforms

2+ million players using Quarters

Earn and use Quarters across games

Participate in the DAO using Q2s

Use Q2s to grant funding for new gaming projects

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Build social, interoperable games – no blockchain engineer needed

Integrate Quarters to simplify monetization

Apply for grants from the DAO

Benefit from a cross-platform economy

Zero-click patent for blockchain games


Join the community and participate in the governance of gaming's future in the Metaverse

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The Quarters universal gaming token improving videogaming for you.