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Join the community and participate in the governance of gaming's future in the Metaverse
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Introducing Q2s

Q2s are the decentralized governance token for the Players' DAO.

Q2s empower players, streamers, developers, and all token holders with the opportunity to own and govern the future of videogames in the metaverse, and to directly govern the uses and operations of Quarters – an Ethereum based ERC-20 token approved by regulators – the company's
game-agnostic, digital utility token.

Quarters are solely designed for gameplay and providing players with the freedom to move their tokens from one game to another.

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Participate in governance

Gain the right to vote on issues that govern the development and operations of Q2s

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Buy and burn mechanism

15% of the revenue of all Quarters sales is distributed to Q2's ecosystem, increasing the value of Q2s.

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Stake to earn more Q2s

Stake your Q2s and contribute to the project and earn rewards periodically

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Award grants

Holders vote on grant opportunities for games.