POQ Streamers Program

Create events and tournaments for your community

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The POQ Streamers Program enables you to grow your community
– while hosting fun events and tournaments, using Quarters.

Engage your community with events that you want to run for games that you and your community enjoy.

By joining the POQ Streamers Program, you will:

Receive sponsored prizes for your community

Meet like-minded streamers in our dedicated Streamers Discord server

Engage with new viewers in our verified POQ community Discord server

Our Partners

What some of our partnered streamers are saying…

"POQ brings communities and players from around the world together! POQ is paving the way for competitive online gaming. It is an amazing opportunity to meet new viewers and other streamers."

–BurtleGurtle (POQ Partner)

"I like POQ because of how they involve their partners and users with the website. I love how they give streamers prizes to give to their community."

–Olten (POQ Partner)

What are Quarters?

Quarters are the first in-game utility token that has been cleared by regulators as a consumer product. The interoperability of Quarters allows players to participate in tournaments, purchase digital assets in-game, play across games, or spend them in our prize store. Quarters are available for purchase on Apple and Google stores, or by credit card at poq.gg. Quarters can be earned and used in events and tournaments on our esports platform.

Referral Program

Do you have friends who are streamers? Send referrals our way and earn a bonus for your referrals that become part of the POQ streamer community.

Engage and grow your community by hosting events with Quarters!